Council Calls For End To Death Row Rule

Tue 23 Nov, 2010

Council Calls For End To Death Row Rule

Stonnington Council is calling on the State Government to remove a rule that forces pounds to kill dogs and cats that would otherwise be rehomed.

The council voted unanimously to endorse Stop The Clock, a campaign calling for an end to the ‘28 Day Rule’ which is a enforce by the Victorian Bureau of Animal Welfare.

Councillor John Chandler said, “The 28 day rule is a travesty. It doesn’t apply in any other state or to animals in any other type of establishment.”

“These poor homeless animals should have the same rights as owned animals”, Councillor Chandler said.
Victoria is the only Australian state or territory to impose an arbitrary limit on how long shelters can offer animals for adoption.

“No other State tells pounds to kill healthy adoptable animals

“An arbitrary time limit doesn’t take into account the circumstances of each animal,” Stop The Clock campaign organiser Mike Bailey said.

Victoria’s Domestic Animals Act 1994 empowers the Minister, Joe Helper, to make Codes of Practice any kind of domestic animal business.

The Code of Practice for the Management of Dogs and Cats in Shelters and Pounds specifies that “The maximum time any animal selected for sale can be held at a shelter is four weeks”.

The Codes for boarding facilities and breeding facilities do not limit the time animals can be held.

An online campaign,, calling for this restriction to be abolished has been endorsed by Melbourne’s animal shelters and contains statements from:

  • Animal Aid
  • Cat Protection Society
  • Lost Dogs’ Home
  • Lort Smith Animal Hospital
  • Pets Haven
  • RSPCA Victoria
  • Save A Dog Scheme

Stop The Clock campaign has over 3500 supporters on it’s website.

Media enquiries: Mike Bailey, Campaign Organiser, 0415 625 915


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