I’ve spent several hours discussing this with the Ministers office and have been assured that they ‘get it’. The statement has been approved for release by the Minister. I think we’ve been heard.

The law in the Code of Practice for the management of dogs and cats in shelters and pounds is more than 20 years old so its important that this year we decided to review the code so we could take the necessary steps to ensure the great work that animal foster carers do can continue.

This review of the Code will be presented to the next Agriculture Minister after the election. What we will do if re-elected  is make sure that foster carers are recognised under a new Code and no longer have to be registered as a domestic animal business.

It will mean foster carers can continue doing their great work but also include minimum standards to ensure all animals are protected.

Labor will also end the maximum 28-day holding rule that currently exists in shelters and pounds that means animals are euthanased when there could be an opportunity to find them a new home.

Instead of a time limit, it will move to a case-by-case individual assessment basis and we’re confident that this will mean more animals find new homes and less animals are euthanased.

This is all part of a comprehensive package that Labor has put forward to protect animals and this can be found by visiting

Joe Helper
Minister for Agriculture


2 Responses to Labor Indicates Intention to Abolish Arbitrary Deadline for Animals

  1. Michael Cooper says:

    This is pleasing, and I hope I can trust it. I wish the Labor Party could be more positive about their re-election, as the record of the former Liberal government was less than inspiring. Many thanks to Stop the Clock for having the drive and know-how to acheive this result.

  2. jane Holmes says:

    This is what i have been waiting to hear,,A positive step forward in the right direction for animal welfare in Victoria…..