Lort Smith Opposes Arbitrary Limit

On November 10, 2010, in shelters, support, by Mike Bailey

The Lort Smith Animal Hospital agrees that animals that are not re-homed before any arbitrarily set  period, that are also coping well under shelter conditions, should not have to be removed  from the shelter as a result of being at the shelter for that arbitrary period – and if they are not coping well, that is of course where having a well established foster program for them to transition to is essential and delivers enormous benefit.

It is beholden on the shelter system to ensure that there are clear parameters and guidelines in place (developed in association with veterinarians and  behaviouralists) on what behaviours are symptomatic of stress and what triggers are in place to determine when an animal needs an alternative location to continue their recovery towards re-homing.

Liz Walker

Chief Executive Officer

Lort Smith Animal Hospital


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