New Draft of Code Removes 28 Day Rule!

On March 5, 2011, in government, by Mike Bailey

It was a nice surprise to get a call from the Bureau of Animal Welfare just over a week ago. I knew it would take time for the dust to settle after the change in Government. I knew we had to be patient. But it’s hard forget about the needless destruction of these cats and dogs that will continue until this change becomes law.

This call brought good news. A new draft of the Code of Practice had been delivered to the Minister and all mention of the 28 Day Rule had been removed from it. This is exactly what we’ve been calling for!

The draft is now with the Minister. He may decide to:

  • get the opinion of the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee
  • request changes to be made
  • put it out to public consultation

There will be other changes in the Code which we’ll be scrutinizing. Keep in touch through our Facebook page for updates.


One Response to New Draft of Code Removes 28 Day Rule!

  1. JOANN says:

    Congratulations ‘Stop The Clock’ ~ A patient wait for a fantastic outcome, a committed cause with a lot of supporters and lovers of our furry companions and animals ~ Well done peoples :)