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Tell Joe Helper We’ve Had Enough

On November 9, 2010, in government, by Mike Bailey

It’s Week 3 of our campaign to remove the ‘28 Day Deadline‘ for cats and dogs looking for homes in Victorian. It’s hard to believe we’ve made so much progress in just two weeks!

  • All of Melbourne’s animal shelters express support for the removal of this arbitrary time limit
  • Over 3200 individuals have joined our Facebook group
  • The campaign is already been reported on radio and in the press

The man who can fix this mess with a stroke of his pen is Victorian Minister for Agriculture, Joe Helper, but he doesn’t appear to be listening. We think he should be. After all, as few as 500 votes could see him lose his marginal seat of Ripon in the election at the end of this month.

Time To Contact Joe Helper Directly

Joe (showing his best side in the photo below) can be contacted by mail, phone, fax, email and even Facebook. We think we deserve a response from him on this issue.

Extra points if you know anyone who lives in the key seat of Ripon (download map). Please be sure to let them know about this issue. Ripon includes many towns including Maryborough, Stawell, Clunes and Avoca.

Let Joe Helper Know the 28 Day Rule Must Go

Electorate Office

Address 177 High Street, Maryborough 3465
Phone (03) 5461 1255
Fax (03) 5461 1631
Postal Address PO Box 175, Maryborough 3465

Ministerial Office

Address Level 22, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne
Phone (03) 9658 4670
Fax (03) 9658 4631


Email Address

8 Responses to Tell Joe Helper We’ve Had Enough

  1. Taryn says:

    Joe we have had enough the 28 day rule is cruel and barbaric, this should be put a stop to straight away. Animals have the right to live and at least have a chance of going to a lovely home, it is not their fault that uncaring horrible humans that dont do the right thing and these poor beautiful babies suffer, you can help STOP this it should be no kill shelters everywhere, where has the love and compassion gone, well i have it i do hope you do too.

  2. Annelies Craig says:

    Dear Mr Helper, lets abolish this disgusting rule so that these unhomed, unwanted cats can be given a second chance. It is not their fault that they have ended up in their situation in the first place. These animals need a loving home of their own where they can be a permanent fixture. Education is the key as well as the offering of a subsidized desexing program. Rather than do the quick fix of destroying these vulnerable animals, put together resources to find out why there are so many that are finding their way into this killing area and do something about these issues. Please take away this barbaric and archaic law, give these animals a second chance of finding a good and stable home.

  3. Jean Ford says:

    Please end this stupid 28 day rule. You have the power to make a difference

  4. Anna V says:

    Please do something as soon as possible to end this barbaric law. These wonderful animals deserve a second chance at finding a loving home. Education is the key – educating us “Humans” on how to treat animals properly

  5. KK says:

    This is ridiculous. Stupid. Dumb. Horrible. Nasty.
    Really? Why? This needs to be stopped. There is always another way!!! Pull your finger out!!

  6. Jean says:

    Dear Mr. Helper,

    I do not understand why this rule should be enforced. Please abolish this rule as it is not the animals fault that it has been given up for adoption, saved from horrible owners or any other reason that involves people the majority of the time. Please remove this rule as there are great dogs out there who will miss out on that loving home just because red tape is the decision. Also those who want to be Foster carers and the shelters should have the right to decided how long the animal live with them. It is the shelters not the politicians who should be deciding this.

  7. lynda brew says:

    dont you realise what a great contribution dogs have on our way of life how many of these shelter animals have come to be guide dods,bomb sniffer dogs drug sniffer dogs hearing impared companion dogs the list goes on it is not the animals fault
    its ours why not try shutting down all the puppy farms that will stop alot of this


  8. Jan says:

    Mr Helper – WHAT IS your agenda against animals? Your continual push for these barbaric and archiac laws,for dogs in particular is disturbing. Over the past few years, you alongside the DPI have fought and brought in legislation which targets all pet owners, this includes ones that do act & care responsibly for their pets. Is your wish to have no pets within in the community? The chlldren of tomorrow will not be able to grow & learn how to look after and care for an animal, if you have your way. Animals as pets do have many benefits for society. Ensuring your facts are accurate, you are not good at, neither is listening to the many thousands of people that have animals as pets and are responsible. Stop the Puppy Farmers and the selling of pets from pet shops as you and the RSPCA have been asked to look at for a long time. This would go a long way to ease the issue. 28 days – hmmmmmm