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Animal Aid Opposes Adoption Deadline

On November 1, 2010, in shelters, support, by Mike Bailey

Animal Aid believes that every one of our fellow creatures is entitled to be treated with respect and compassion and have its individual needs and experiences taken into account as part of their assessment, rehabilitation and ultimately adoption.

The 28 day time limit does not allow the individual to be taken into account and is an arbitrary time frame that deserves review.

Simply putting an end to life at the end of a statutory holding period does nothing to improve the outcomes for shelter animals in the wider community. It can force shelters and rescue services into having to play an adversarial role with the community and their supporter base, not to mention the emotional implications for the staff and volunteers.

Animal Aid believes that all efforts must be made to enrich the restrictive, stressful and inadequate shelter environment. The welfare and rehabilitation of the individual concerned must always be a priority, no matter how long the animal concerned is held.

Nell Thompson

General Manager

Victorian Animal Aid Trust (Animal Aid)


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