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RSPCA Rejects Deadline for Animals

On October 28, 2010, in shelters, support, by Mike Bailey

The RSPCA believes that holding periods for animals within shelters and pounds should not be restricted to arbitrary time frames. We have tirelessly lobbied the Victorian State Government to move away from the 28-day holding period and in late October, we were delighted with the announcement that the Labour government would extend holding periods for pounds and shelters if re-elected.  We commend Labor on their planned animal welfare initiatives, including their active review of the 28-day holding period and their promise to strengthen the foster care arrangements to improve welfare outcomes.   These changes to legislation will have a significant impact on rehabilitation and re-homing rates at RSPCA shelters, allowing us to provide extensive medical treatment or behavioural training for as long as needed.  This would also allow our expert behaviourists and veterinarians to evaluate an animal’s welfare on a case-by-case basis, always ensuring welfare is never compromised.

Such a change to legislation would give RSPCA animals the best chance of being re-homed and would be a win for animals in Victoria.

Maria Mercurio


RSPCA Victoria


2 Responses to RSPCA Rejects Deadline for Animals

  1. Netta says:

    I applaud the government too, as long as it is not just an extension but a complete removal of the time period. We are the only place in the world I can find that has a mandatory restriction on how long a dog can stay alive while looking for a new home

    • Mike Bailey says:

      The Victorian Government has not yet committed to removing the 28 Day Rule. We need to make them understand that it’s not reasonable to have an arbitrary time limit. Shelters are capable of assessing dogs and cats on a case by case basis. They use volunteers to walk dogs and play with cats. They use foster care for animals that aren’t coping in a shelter environment.