Pets Haven Wants End to Deadline

On October 29, 2010, in shelters, support, by Mike Bailey

For many years now healthy animals have been killed in pounds and shelters. The 28 day rule is enforced and all pounds/shelters must comply. Not only are healthy animals being killed for an unnecessary reason but this ruling has placed emotional stress on the people who work within these pounds and shelters.

It has been proven in every other state than Victoria and across the world, animals do cope, loving homes are found and many animals for various reasons require a longer period than others in finding homes. Pets Haven encourages our Government to move forward, ensure our animals are given the time they need to find a home; we can’t make up for the past killings of healthy animals and the stress that this has caused many people who work within the field, but we can make changes and we need to make them now.

Trish Bourke

Pets Haven Animal Shelter


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