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On October 27, 2010, in shelters, support, by Mike Bailey

The CPS supports a change to the Code regarding the 28 day rule. CPS has been actively involved in the writing group established by the Government which is currently reviewing the Code and we have lobbied strongly for no specific time frame but rather periodic health and temperament reviews to ensure the welfare of the animal is safeguarded and the rehabilitation/medical treatment plans are effective and the animal is progressing towards being rehomed. This is to ensure pounds and shelters allocate adequate resources to such programs and safeguards against a hoarding situation developing.

Socialised cats generally adapt far more readily to confinement than dogs and their temperament improves rather than deteriorates with time if appropriate handling, enrichment and housing is provided – 28 days is not the defining time to make a decision on this and we therefore support change.

Carole Webb
Executive Director


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